Get An Order of Protection

Render illustration of Protective Order on Legal Documents with Gavel

There are four types of civil orders of protection under Illinois law: Domestic Violence Orders of Protection, Sexual Assault No Contact Order, Stalking No Contact Order, and Firearm Restraining Order. Orders of protection can be sought regardless of whether there is a criminal case pending or if someone has reported a crime.  
Civil orders are filed by individuals on their own or through a civil attorney. 

If someone is the victim of domestic violence, they may file for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection.
If someone is the victim of sexual assault, they may file for a Sexual Assault No Contact Order.
If someone is the victim of stalking, they may file for a Stalking No Contact Order.
If someone feels that a member of their household or family poses a threat to themselves or others and should not have access to a firearm, they can learn more about Firearm Restraining Orders (FRO).
The State's Attorney's Office does not file orders of protection because they are civil in nature. The State's Attorney's Office is allowed to assist individuals who have already filed for Domestic Violence Orders of Protection or Firearm Orders of Protection. 
If you need assistance in filing any order of protection, please contact Prairie State Legal Services, North Suburban Legal Aid ClinicA Safe Placeor the Lake County Bar Association for a referral. The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s guide to Illinois Protective Orders provides additional information on Orders of protection.