Police Accountability Timeline

The Lake County State's Attorney's Office believes everyone should be treated equally under the law, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Discrimination or abuse towards anyone is out of line with the values we, and our partners in law enforcement, hold dear. That's why Eric Rinehart has taken more steps than any other Lake County State's Attorney to hold those who violate the rights of our neighbors accountable, because everyone deserves to live in a safe community free from fear of those who have sworn to protect us. 
Since 2020, our office has increased police training and implementing new policies to ensure that we end Lake County’s history of wrongful prosecutions. This includes new interrogation policies and reforms (juvenile admissibility policy), doubling the Brady list (including adding officer due to interrogation techniques), instituting the first-ever written Brady policy, conducting more trainings for police on the dangers of interrogating vulnerable people, and requiring Assistant State’s Attorneys to report a constitutional violation by any officer.