Domestic Violence Division

black and white photo of a woman's hand is reaching up to protect herself

The Domestic Violence Division of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office employs Assistant State’s Attorneys, Victim Specialists, and support staff dedicated solely to the prosecution of crimes of domestic violence.  This includes crimes involving violence or threats of violence to relatives, spouses, those in dating relationships, and former couples.  

Devoting a specialized division to the crime of domestic violence allows for consistency in the prosecution of these often-difficult crimes. Our prosecutors are trained to seek a disposition that keeps victims and families safe, while holding offenders accountable through punishment and rehabilitation.  

The exceptional prosecutors in this division attend specialized trainings that assist in their ability to successfully prosecute crimes of domestic violence.  The attorneys in this division prosecute misdemeanor and felony crimes of domestic violence and assist victims in obtaining criminal orders of protection.  

Victims are given the same consistency by being assigned a Victim Specialist at the inception of the case who can assist them in navigating the criminal justice system and refer them to outside services.  The same victim specialist remains with each victim until the disposition of the criminal case.  

Domestic violence is an epidemic threatening the safety of families, communities, and the County as a whole.  It effects all communities, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, The goal of every employee in the Domestic Violence Division is to continue learning about this crime to more effectively help victims and hold offenders accountable for their behavior.  The division works closely with local police departments and community-based organizations to ensure a collaborative approach to eradicating domestic violence. 

Domestic Violence Resources

Our office provides resources for victims of domestic violence and works with community partners to ensure that victims receive assistance and the services they need to navigate the criminal justice system and beyond, as the effects of domestic violence can last well beyond the resolution of the criminal case.  

The domestic violence brochure and domestic violence safety card provide detailed information on many of these community partners. For example, D100 - located right inside the criminal court tower - assists victims with filing domestic, stalking, and sexual civil no contact orders free of charge.  A Safe Place provides victims of domestic violence and human trafficking assistance with housing, counseling, and other services.  Victims in need of legal assistance can reach out to one of the County’s free legal aid clinics: Prairie State Legal Services, North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic, or the Lake County Bar Association for a referral.